Jem is an award-winning sculpture that illuminates the heart of South Bank's Parklands with millions of LEDs. Commissioned to provide a unique digital experience, Jem aims to unite visitors in contemplation and interaction within South Bank's vibrant urban renewal development, Flowstate.

This custom-built outdoor structure utilises 360 Lidar technology to react to people's movements, creating an array of captivating visual and audio displays. Designed by Melbourne studio ENESS, Jem is Queensland's first all-ages interactive play sculpture, blending art, science, design, and technology to bring joy to the community.

South Bank CEO Bill Delves expressed pride in this innovative project, emphasising its alignment with the precinct's core values of creativity and boldness. Jem stands as a tribute to Expo '88's design legacy, continuing to light up South Bank in its 30th anniversary year.

As the visual centerpiece of Flowstate, Jem symbolises South Bank's commitment to fostering creativity and diversity within Queensland's independent arts sector. 

"I think that having such an engaging art installation appeals to people. For the city to permit art like this, it says a lot about the vision of the city. I think you should do more of it. There's nothing like this in L.A. – this is very progressive." Marcus Rosenzweig, L.A.